Sunday, 12 July 2015

Romans! Dozens of 'em.

The headcount of hastati/princeps is now up to sixty:

Add to this the thirty odd velites also finished & there is the makings of a viable army to game with. Obviously I still need to organise some cavalry to augment this vast host but in the meantime this pachyderm will have to stand in:

I was going to replace the hoplon on the side of the tower with a scutum, but figured that the latter might be a bit of a handful in such close confines.
Once this little side project is completed its back to the legions again, this time with fetching powder blue scuta.


  1. very attractive painting and basing/figures - lovely work!


  2. Very nice indeed! Basing looks good, too. Great minis, the Victrix.

  3. Thanks Simon, I had to raise the standard of my basing after seeing your fine efforts.
    Rgds HGA.

  4. Excellent job, very impressive troops...