Saturday, 21 September 2013

Seven Years War Test Figures.

As I might have mentioned in an earlier post I always like to complete a single figure before starting to batch paint a unit. It seems to speed up the process once batch painting commences & it gives me the chance to start again if a fabulous full sized colour scheme doesn't translate into miniature form.

The latest miniatures to be subjected to this indignity are:

Frei Hussar von Kleist, the least green of Kleist's units

Dragoon Regt. No. 9 Aspremont Linden or Savoyen.

The hussar is a Foundry miniature from their generic hussar range for the SYW, it always amazes me how much ramage these supposedly light cavalry were expected to drag around.
The Austrian Dragoon is a Crusader figure; really like the statuesque horse sculpt.


  1. Great looking cavalry, HGA. Love the rustic look of the early Hussar. Best, Dean

    1. Cheers Dean, the Foundry hussars have a certain animation lacking in other ranges.