Saturday, 7 September 2013

More Seven Years War Austrians & a Gaming Antique.

Despite being busy as ever with work I've put in a concerted effort this week to get some serious painting done, aided & abetted somewhat by the reducing hours of daylight I might add. Much as I like  Autumn as a season the shortening days do herald the onset of Winter. Hopefully the upcoming one will be a short, sharp affair unlike the lingering bleakness of the last effort which was with us until Easter.
Anyway back to the main thrust of this post:

The completed Josef Esterhazy Regiment.

Sachsen-Gotha Dragoon Regiment.

Grenadiers, Infantry Regt Gyulai.

Grenadiers, Infantry Regt Haller.
All the above are from Crusader Miniatures, I do think the Austrian range is some of Mark Simms best work.
Finally the titular gaming antique is the piece of scenery the above are all photographed on which is a very old Bellona ECW Star Fort in 25mm scale. For those of you who don't remember Bellona made a series of vac-formed scenic items ranging from Celtic hillforts to WW1 trench systems. At one time these would have comfortably accommodated 25mm miniatures but modern 28mm figures dwarf them somewhat,


  1. Wonderful looking troops, HGA. SYW has some cool looking uniforms. Best, Dean

    1. Many thanks Dean, they certainly weren't colour shy in the C18.
      Regards HGA.

  2. Really wonderfully painted figures - I am ravished. Immediately added your blog to my blogger list. Thanks for your fine posts!!