Thursday, 30 May 2013

Von Kleist Uhlans & IR18

Relaxing with the paint brush has once again taken a backseat these last weeks but I continue to plod stoically on with the SYW project:

Thats the von Kleist Uhlans done. Sources are a bit confused over some details so I've stuck to Knotel for the most part, though by rights the musician should sport a tricorn not a fez & turban. Couldn't be arsed to make the head swap also suitable donor figure not available. May retro fit at some point in the future though.

The first stand of Prussian line infantry for IR18, uncertain how technicolour the rose pink facings should be but they will stand out. I had some pre-conceived idea, no doubt originating in my youth, that Prussian infantry all sported red facings & white small clothes, but this turns out to be far from the truth. Indeed it is hard to pin down anything remotely typical about Prussian uniforms other than the ubiquitous dark blue, this is very good news indeed from a painting perspective.


  1. Beautiful colors on these guys, HGA. Very nice. Best, Dean

  2. Cheer Dean, much appreciated

    Regards HGA.

  3. These Uhlans are really nice, love the colours!