Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Cavalcade of Riff-Raff.

Having neglected my blog updates for a couple of weeks due to work commitments I have finally managed to photograph the recent progress made on the Seven Years War project.

Freikorps von Kleist with Frei Husaren Kalben to the right rear.

Jaegers zu Fuss.

Croat Infantry.

Von Kleist's Orchestra.

Frei Battalion Kalben.
Von Kleist Uhlans should be painted & based by the end of this week & then I've a battalion of Prussian line infantry to start work on, probably IR 13 or IR26. I'll do both eventually as their grenadier companies were habitually combined together. After that I'll be in the market for more miniatures providing the finances are up to it.


  1. Replies
    1. You know you've made it when an orchestra follows you round.

  2. Great looking figures - love that orchestra. Best, Dean

  3. All these look brilliant. Especially altogether.