Sunday, 14 April 2013

Warfare in the Age of Reason.

Inspired by yesterdays AWI game I've decided to dust off my modest Seven Years War collection and get it finished off.
I started this project in the mid nineties using Revell 1/72nd scale Austrians & Prussians then moved into 28mm with Crusader Miniatures Austrians & Hungarians and later on Foundry Prussians.
This all fizzled out a few years later when the Foundry release schedule went off the rails & never got going again, until now that is.

So far I've made tentative in-roads into rebasing my painted figures, starting with a few command figures & some light infantry types. I don't want to start on any of the line units until I settle on a set of rules to use, so far I can't decide whether to stick with Warfare in the Age of Reason or try Age of Honour which are based on the Fire & Fury system.

Anyway her are a few tasters:

A rather portly Prussian Officer.

A rather less portly officer of Frei Husaren Kalben.

"Green" Kleist with two members of his Band & a Croat of his Freikorps.


  1. Really cool looking figures and great painting, HGA. I love the hussar and the bandsmen. Best wishes on this "new" project. Dean

  2. These are lovely. I especially like the last picture. Do you find painting the horses a more challenging job than the people? Or vice versa?

  3. Many Thanks Both, re: painting horses or people I try to keep the painting of the horses simple & concentrate on the rider as rightly or wrongly he tends to be the focal point.
    Regards HGA.