Sunday, 21 April 2013

Von Kleist's Horse Grenadiers.

This week I have whole heartedly embraced the resurrected Seven Years War project with a purchase from Foundry Miniatures & subsequently some painting.

The initial thrust of the project will be to field a Prussian force consisting of Kalben's & Von Kleists Freikorps in their entirety and to follow at a later date with a couple of Prussian line infantry regiments. In the meantime I'll finish painting the Crusader Miniatures Austrian troops currently lurking at the back of one of my chests of drawers.
Fortunately for phase one of the project Foundry still produce miniatures for all of the weird & wonderful troops that made up Von Kleist's Freikorps, the first of whom features below:

There are a few more of his compatriots lined up on the Workbench of Doom soon to be followed by Uhlans & Jaegers du Fuss. One of these miniatures will feature a finely rendered leg of ham!


  1. Fantastic figure, HGA. Very unique colors and great pose. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice paint job. Awaiting the rest :)