Sunday, 19 August 2012

Only another Ninety to go.

The steady plod through two boxes of Victrix Miniatures Hoplites has begun,  the Theban set I purchased earlier in the week has now been joined by the Mercenary set. There are essentially the same sprues in each box but the Mercenaries have a different set of heads:

A nice selection of Attic, Thracian & Pilos types are represented, the only detail that is off is the Pilos head with face mask fitted, this might have been better modelled on another Thracian helmet. There may well have been masked Pilos helmets available circa 250 B.C. but I'm not aware of any surviving examples.
My only other minor gripe with both of the sets is the duplication of the bodies provided, instead of eight individual pieces. A little more variety would have been useful.
However the detail is sharp with none of the blank areas sometimes found on plastics and they paint up really very well.
Theres a bit of tidying up to do ( photographing figures always shows up the bits I missed )and a coat of matt varnish to go on yet but you can get the basic gist.

So far I've been a little un-ambitious with the shield designs sticking with variations on the Achaean League device, I'll start to break this up with other suitable subjects as the project continues. I'm not however going down the transfer route; the LBMS range for these figures is very good but my preference has always been to hand paint shield designs, it just feels like putting that final personal stamp on my figures.

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