Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A welcome return to Greece. Victrix Hoplite.

A brief detour after pricing some work occasioned a long over due visit to Questing Knight Games in Wellington and resulted as ever in money being hoovered from my pockets in return for a box of Victrix Theban Hoplites. I could have taken the easy option and mail ordered these when they were released but I do like to support my FLGS when I can and credit to Alan the owner even in-frequent visitors are made to feel welcome. In fact I also ordered the latest Victrix box of mercenary hoplites so another visit will be imminent to collect these when they become available, hopefully in conjunction with carrying out said priced job.

Anyhow here he is, number one of 48:

First and foremost none of these fine fellows will be destined for Thebes, their fate lies further South and nearer in history representing hoplites of the Achaean League: hopefully a mixture of Boetian helmets amongst assorted Thracian & Pilos types shouldn't look out of place.
Secondly, well done Victrix. These really are excellent figures, easy to assemble and sharp enough moulding to make painting straightforward without having to fudge in detail over blank areas.

Lastly a quick size comparison which you may find useful.

Left to right: Foundry Miniatures World of the Greeks, Victrix & Immortal Miniatures Hoplites.
Taking the Victrix figure as an average you could at a pinch use all three together, the Foundry miniature representing the more robust end of the human demographic and the Immortal figure what my retired Foreman would have colourfully described as a 'Jack Russell Bastard' infering a smaller than average human being over compensating somewhat. A bit like Napoleon.

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