Sunday, 12 February 2012

Simon Bolivar's Guard of Honour.

It's been a fairly quiet fortnight on the gaming & creative front following the big push for the WAB  Sellasia game that Mr. Ireland and I played back in January. Its difficult sometimes to summon the energy to model and paint after a day working outside in what have of late been fairly wet & dirty conditions. Much easier to sit by the fire with a glass of scotch and read instead. It was this burst of reading activity which has led to this post. Re-visiting the Osprey title on Bolivar and San Martin jogged my memory concerning an article in Military Modelling which I knew was buried somewhere in one of my boxes up in the attic, so today an expedition was launched to recover said tome pictured below:

This article pre-dates the Osprey title by four years and fills in some of the detail on Bolivars Honour Guards understandably missing from the Osprey given the limited amount of space available on 48 pages. There are one or two differences in the illustration of the Red Hussar compared to his later incarnation but then some of the details are speculative anyway.
Anyway reading through the article has given me a bit of impetus to get on with the Liberators project which has been running out of steam lately and hopefully it may prove of general use and interest.

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