Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Quick & Very Red Liberators Update.

I've had, by my own slow standards a productive week so far and as a consequence have pushed the Liberators project a little further along.
I now have two stands of the Patriot Santander Regiment completed and based:

A third & fourth base are currently having their trousers re fashioned in green stuff prior to painting.

In addition a couple more Husares de Concordia have been completed. I've tried a couple of different treatments on their horses because I feel some of my earlier efforts in this department have been a little too similar. From left to right: a dark chestnut, bay & lighter chestnut.

Hopefully the remainder of the week will see continued progress as I fear a busy weekend may intrude somewhat on painting time. More of this later.


  1. Nice conversions and creativity, HGA. BTW, what set are those uncovered shakos from? They look very bell-topped. Best, Dean

  2. This is one of those periods that I would really like to do but I dare not buy any figures for it as I know my chances of completing the project would be pretty slim

    Perhaps a better option would be to follow your blog!

  3. Thanks Gentlemen. All credit to the Perry Twins they do sculpt the best horseflesh.
    Dean, the uncovered shakos are from the Perry French Hussars plastic box set.
    David, give it a go theres a good selection of suitable 15mm figures available and to a lesser extent 28mm. Its only because I'm doing this period in plastic that I'm having to get creative.
    Regards to All