Sunday, 6 November 2011

South American Update, not to mention some other stuff.

Its been a while since the last post was posted,  mainly due to having an awful lot to do at work which has precluded much wargaming output of note. Heres where I'm up to of now.

Talavera Regt finished, obviously some basing still to finish:

A test figure for Burgos Regt:

Ferdinand VII Hussars:

Dragoons of Colombia & a Venezuelan Red Hussar:

Finally Venezuelan infantry to date:

Obviously quite a long way to go with this lot before anything hits the table in earnest, but I'm having a lot of fun doing the research and painting and at the end of the day thats what its all about.
On a different subject I've finally cast up the moulds for some dungeon scenery thats been a long term project for a couple of years now, below is a curved section of sewer

 and here some classical style wall sections for your better class of tomb:

These masters have been laid down in some two part silicon rubber today so should be ready for a test cast tomorrow evening when I finish work ( and have dinner and do paperwork and phone customers and ad infinitum, so maybe not tomorrow).
I did have somewhat nebulous plans for putting these up for general consumption to cover costs but a couple of abortive attempts on Ebay bought home to me the lack of demand in this sector of the market so back to the drawing board in the attempt to make my first million. If anyones interested I can do straight, T junction and curved sewers, entrance stairway and a circular room with central pool. Cost wise a couple of quid apiece plus postage. There are pictures elsewhere on the blog but I can soon repost them if anyone wants to take a look.
Enough of this blatant commercialism heres another picture:

Figures from Warlord Games Petard set assaulting a breach, inspired by Sir Wm. Vaughans capture of Parliamentarian siegeworks at High Ercall House in 1645.


  1. Great stuff really interested in the South American conflict not often seen!

  2. Thanks Willie, overlooked in favour of Napoleonics I think, which given the dearth of material in English is hardly surprising. Thankfully with Grenadier Productions efforts this situation is being redressed.

  3. I very much like the Ferdinand VII Hussar! Lovely, unusual colours. Almost like an imagi-nation, but real.


  4. Who needs imaginations with these colourful chaps? I do like your painting style.

  5. I love the red hussars, with the blue shako, a fine looking figure!!!