Sunday, 13 November 2011

Casting about for something to do. More Dungeon Scenery.

Woke up this morning in the grip of a stinking chest cold and as a consequence have absolutely zero motivation to do anything remotely productive in the painting or modelling department - which is a shame because Sunday is the only day of the week that I get proper opportunity to indulge in some prolonged painting time. So just to keep the end up I have photographed the results of my silicon mould making from earlier this week.

Above, the two sections of posh dungeon walling designed to be fixed to foamcore or similar backing to get some impression of thickness. They could equally be used for classical interiors I suppose.

Above, a curved section of sewer, latest addition to "Uncle Soilpipes Sewers of Despair", the less than groundbreaking range of fantasy drainage real estate that has spectacularly failed to set the world of RPG scenery on fire.
On reflection a less revolting product name may have helped.
A quick update, here are some painted sewers of despair.

These were all painted with acrylics and the water added using two part florists resin. Its a pain to use because it takes approx 24 hours to dry and will find even the tiniest of gaps to flow through, thus requiring a jig with silicon rubber gaskets to keep it in its rightful place and the piece perfectly horizontal to prevent any overspill. On the plus side it degasses really well so no telltale airbubbles and no meniscus round the edges that you get with some of the single part water effects available.

To finish here are a couple of gelatinous cubes cast from the left over resin in a simple mould.

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