Saturday, 10 September 2011

A dozen very blue thureophoroi.

The latest offering for the Sellasia project, twelve Achaean League thureophoroi ( the standard is the give away). They all need javelins or spears adding at some point but this is dependent on me purchasing a new batch off NorthStar at some as yet, undefined point in the future.

Things are plodding along quietly on the Sellasia project as at present work is intruding heavily on leisure time.
It has however given me a little time to re-think the scope of the game. The original intention was to refight just two thirds of the battle, leaving out the phalanx vs. phalanx clash between Antigonus Doson & Cleomenes on one side of the battlefield, mainly due to me not wanting to model another terrain board for this clash of kings. Things have moved on a little since though, firstly Mr. J. Jonas was kind enough to point out the tactical possibilities of including this part of the battle allowing that we gamers might not want to slavishly follow the historical course of the battle. Secondly as previously noted work commitments will probably push the date of the game forward into the festive season giving me lots of scope for 'shed time' in the rapidly shortening autumn evenings to build suitable terrain boards.

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