Sunday, 18 September 2011

Army of Antigonus Doson Completed.

The title says it all, depicted below are the assembled forces of Antigonus for Sellasia 222BC. Have decided to just re-fight the action in the centre & Euas hill as originally intended principally because work pressures preclude too much time being spent on hobbies over the next few months and secondly because I wish to temporarily draw a veil over things Hellenic for a short while to explore 19th century warfare in the  New World.

 Above. Antigonid cavalry, The Phalanx & Acheaen League Thorakitai. The latter to form a solid back up for the light troops.
 above: Thracian Infantry, generic Greek cavalry & out front Illyrian light infantry, these will form the hinge between the two phalanx elements.
Above: Acheaen league thureophoroi, Cretan archers & Acheaen heavy cavalry led by the indomitable Philipoemen.

Spartan opponents will be shown later in the week when time and photogenic light allow.


  1. Very nice looking figures! Nice wedge basing as well!

  2. I really like the look of this unit; more sober than some of the hyper-colorful ones many paint - yet it is very realistic and intimidating. Best, Dean