Friday, 18 March 2016

Colonel Caunter's Camouflage.

Continuing to embrace the Middle Eastern theatre of war with reckless abandon I give you the latest progress on the Desert Rats featured last post.
First up my attempt at the titular camouflage scheme on a Vicker's Mk. VIb:

Mark VIb, courtesy of Blitzkrieg Models, via Perry Miniatures.

A fairly basic, though hopefully, effective attempt using Vallejo acrylic paint with several coats of Mig filters over the top. I have a section of Universal Carriers on the go at present & will present a quick tutorial on painting Caunter as my next post on this subject.
Not wishing to leave the footsloggers out more progress has also been made on the Perry Desert Rats boxed set:

2" mortar team

Boyes anti tank rifle.

Platton HQ assisted by the LRDG.
Really enjoying this little side project; it turns out my Great Uncle served with 7th Armoured in the Desert which makes it a bit more personal. I hope to find out a little more about this in due course because as was typical of many of his generation he didn't disclose very much about it. Most of my conversations with him tended to revolve around agriculture & its associated woes which seemed to interest him far more than armoured engagements with the Afrika Korp. Credit to him for that.

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  1. Great looking "tankette" and troops, John. With all the Panthers and Tigers, it's great to see these little tanks not overlooked.