Sunday, 15 November 2015

ECW Brigade of Horse.

Following on from last weeks re-basing efforts I have continued in the same vein with a couple of regiments of horse:

These represent the regiments of Sir Wm. Vaughan & Col. John Marrow/ Col. Robert Werden, two of the royalist horse regiments active in Cheshire & the Welsh Marches from 1643 to 1646.
Although attached to Royalist field armies for the larger campaigns a lot of their time was spend garrisoning local strongpoints, beating up enemy quarters & general skirmishing. One would suspect that they were also a plague on the local population as they were expected to live off the land, indeed there are a couple of extant reports of Vaughan's men making off with bed linen & other goods without regard for the householder's Royalist sympathies.

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