Sunday, 31 August 2014

Renedra Desert Building.

Picked this up a couple of weeks ago from my local games retailer, Questing Knight Games in Wellington. Local is very much a relative term here as from doorstep to doorstep its a good 20 miles, but as I was working just round the corner it seemed rude not to pop in & have a browse.

The injection moulded parts came on three sprues & went together fairly easily with liquid poly' adhesive, the fit of the parts wasn't great but 5 minutes work with some car body filler soon sorted that out followed by a quick rub down with some emery paper to finish.

The basic finish has been achieved using this:
found whilst wandering round our local DIY store in search of more prosaic items. I have no idea why it is desert "bisque" it bears no resemblance in either taste or smell to delicious soup made from sea food!
It does however produce a rather good facsimile of rough plaster render ideal for the subject matter.


  1. Nice tip on the spray, HGA. I wonder if a light dry-brush of white would be in order? Best, Dean

    1. Great minds think alike Dean, it looks a bit too uniform in its current finish.
      Rgds HGA.