Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tidying Up Some Loose Ends.

Still casting about for a new project to get stuck into so filling my rare hours of leisure by painting a few odds & ends that have lain neglected in storage:

A brace of Parthian horse archers, courtesy of A&A Miniatures.

Palmyrene General, previously painted but treated to a re-base.
Still unsure as to what the next project will be. Very tempted to expand my smallish Parthian army, but equally tempted by the Steve Saleh Persians just (re) released by Foundry. Some days it would be nice to have deeper pockets & more free time.


  1. Great looking cavalry, HGA. That general is fantastically painted. Enjoy your leisure! Dean

  2. I agree with Dean, all look great and painted love the Palmyrene General.


  3. Thanks Chaps. Tempted to do some more Palmyrene stuff, A&A do a very nice Zenobia on camel back.
    Regards HGA.