Sunday, 17 March 2013

Scythian Noble Cavalry.

Some more progress has been made with these today:

Still not happy with the horses but I'll live with them. Also re-thought the basing scheme, 40mm round bases allow for a reasonable wedge formation to be assembled but with the advantage of deploying in skirmish order as well.


  1. Nice looking cavalry. I can see them being able to form a wedge with the rounds. Best, Dean

  2. Yes they look very good. I can see the benefit of having nomad cavalry singly based. It would be great if there was a rule set that specifically focused on battles between nomads, which must have been very different to most of the classical infantry battles with which we are more familiar.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Thanks for posting - it's always useful to see a good paint job on new releases.

  4. Thank you Gentlemen.
    Simon, I have in the past found the feigned flight & parthian shot rules in WAB to be quite effective, at least against more conventional armies. A ruleset dealing exclusively with this subject could present some interesting challenges.

    Regards HGA.