Saturday, 22 September 2012

First Unit of Achaean Hoplites Good to Go.

Admittedly its taken a while but I've finally finished a viable unit of hoplites from the Victrix plastic boxed sets. Early progress has been slowed somewhat by work commitments but here are the final results:

I've made a large assumption including a standard but I can't find any references either way for greek city states circa 250-220 B.C. so artistic liberties have been duly taken. Theres lots more to follow but rate of progress will very much depend on ongoing work load.


  1. Nice work so far, HGA. I think the standard is very plausible by this time. Nice shield work too. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, I'm fairly convinced that at this late period the Greeks would have taken up the fashion for standards. The shields are fun to do if a little time consuming but sticking to city state letters simplifies things a little.
    Regards HGA.