Saturday, 16 July 2011

Out of the Blue.

Started work on the scenery for Mr. Ireland and mine Panion re-fight today using high density styrene foam sourced from Jed & Nadine at Antenociti's Workshop.

Still a way to go but you have to start somewhere. The contours don't show up very well yet as the light blue colour seems to flatten things out somewhat.
Basic shaping was done with a belt sander and an 80 grit belt, very fast but also very messy. It was fortunate that we had a good stiff breeze blowing in Salop today to gently whisk most of the dust away. I did take the added precaution of wearing a decent dust mask 'cos you never know what revolting tack is used in the manufacture of styrene. This was followed by a light rub over with a detail sander with 180 grit to give a good key for the PVA envelope which is tomorrows job.
The PVA envelope, in case you're interested should remove the necesity of glueing the styrene to a heavy ply or MDF base. The theory is that each layer of PVA, paint or whatever applied to the playing surface of the terrain board is mirrored with a layer of PVA added to the reverse face, this way as the glue or paint contracts slightly as it dries the "cupping" effect is counter acted. This according to a friend in the theatrical scenery business works well on large pieces of flat plywood removing the need for extensive stiffening to the rear of the set pieces.
Anyway, check back tomorrow to see if practice matches theory. I bet you're all on tenterhooks.

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